Treat yourself and your home

People never get what they want these days; the average working stiff worries too much about saving for the future and financial security. Ask yourself, would you rather enjoy your life while you can live it to the full or worry about what you’re going to do in 50 years’ time? 

Whilst it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared for the future, there’s no reason why you can’t live a little in the present. If you want to go and try that bungee jump you should, just because its £20 more than you originally thought doesn’t mean it won’t be worth the money for such an experience. After all, you can’t take your money with you, so why not spend it throughout your life rather than clinging on ’til the end?

I’m not much of the extreme sports type, so I don’t spend my money jumping out of aeroplanes or skiing down the side of a mountain, but I am a fan of good interior design. Whilst in the past I’ve learned to make my home look good on a budget, there’s no reason why I can’t treat myself to a truly luxury product every once in a while to spruce up my home, as well as having something nice to show off to my friends. 

The last time I treated myself and spent a little more, I bought a mirrored bedside cabinet. It’s really a fantastically unique product, and stands out (in a good way) in my bedroom. Each and every side is mirrored, making it shine beautifully in the right light. It’s also very practical on the whole, providing me with a fantastic space to put my bits and bobs, and not to mention a great place to put my alarm clock so I can roll out of bed in the morning. You may expect such a product to be quite dangerous and sharp due to its mirrored edges, but luckily you’d be wrong, as it has smoothed off rounded edges, so it’d even be safe in a children’s bedroom. 

It may not seem like an amazing choice but it’s one that really made me happy. Whatever you enjoy in life, remember to make sure you treat yourself every once in a while.


Roofing Ideas That Few Have Ever Heard Of

Who says the top of any building has to be just a roof? While any numbers of roofs are simply covered with tar, gravel, shingles or solar panels, some roofs throughout the world are reserved for architectural projects that promote entertainment, nightlife and sensuality.  Here are a few:


Are you familiar with the hotel roof in Singapore, 650 feet up, that serves as a pool?  You’ve probably never heard of it, but it’s called The Rooftop Pool and functions as one of the most unusual roofs you’ll ever find, anywhere!  The hotel that supports this most curious water-world is 55 stories tall and the rooftop construction offers enough space to accommodate this pool which boasts a size three times as long as an Olympic variety. The platform upon which the pool rests is longer than the Eiffel Tower is tall and, if one didn’t know better, one would think the sides of the pool drop down into the abyss of the streets below.   In actuality, the waters which run over the sides, spill over into a catchment below, after which, it is then pumped back into the pool.  Don’t think I’d want to be taking a swim in this posh pool during an earthquake!

South Africa:

The legendary Grand Daddy Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa is known for its luxury, style and opulence.  It is here where one would be least expecting any semblance of trailer trash, and we use that term with jest.  Atop the Grand Daddy Hotel you will find the last thing you would ever anticipate; a roof top made up of Airstream trailers which, in their day, were incredible works of craftsmanship with gleaming silver, aluminum shells and rounded corners. The rooftop trailer park is made up of seven Airstream beauties, with each rentable hideaway having its own official Postal Service outdoor mailbox. Each bungalow trailer is professionally and pristinely decorated with unique themes—everything from a Goldilocks and the 3 Bears fantasy interior to a 1950s-style incorporating period-piece finishes in mint green, cherry red and egg-blue to an Afro-funk interior complete with earthy colors, textured wood flooring and animal skins.  The hotel’s roof accommodates a wide range of foliage, including real trees and bushes, to give this unique roof-top setting a genuine feel of an actual neighborhood that existed in 1950s Americana!


Bloody Mary with olives, anyone?  If you love a cocktail or two, or if you just love heights, you’d go gah, gah over the Sky Bar which hovers 820 feet in the air as part of one of the most prestigious hotels in all of Thailand.  This vast expanse of roof, covered with polished flooring, white-linen tables and multi-hued lighting, serves as a most unique covering of the 63rd floor of the Tower Club.  The roof makes up the highest open-air bar in the world and overlooks a panoramic view of Bangkok. 

The color of the bar’s atmosphere changes every ninety seconds from emerald green to ocean blue to lilac and tangerine.  This exquisite roof-top offers celestial views with drinking and dining that afford an experience that is about as close to Heaven as one could possibly get and still live to tell the tale.  


There’s a roof-top in Australia that boasts of being the coolest movie theater Down Under. Located in Melbourne, this sensational cinema offers not only movies but alcoholic drinks.  What’s not to like about this roof?  The Rooftop Cinema plays a vast array of movie genres in the open-air, six-stories-high theater.  Multi-tiered decking allows patrons a perfect view of the floating cinema screen, regardless of seating, and the laid-back atmosphere is complemented with striped-canvas chairs, angled at 45 degrees.  The comfy chairs are strategically located throughout the 550 square meters of floor space covered with synthetic grass.  But what if it rains?  Well, black rubber roofing and retractable canvas awnings provide protection from the elements.

There are roofs and there are roofs; but these gems are intended to serve as more than just protective coverings for the buildings they shelter.  These toppers are, indeed, some of the most unusual roofs this planet has to offer!

As the associate manager for an internet website marketing company, D.H. aids cooperatives such as Primeco Roofing and Construction inside the Mother Land. He was born in LA, and is enjoying life in addition to his pleasant wife and their 3 children. Daniel-son harkens visitors to come see his Google status whenever they want.


Download MobileTrans now

There was a time when I didn't know a thing about the best apps for smartphones. However, that is not the case any longer and today, I can tell you what you want to know about apps that you can use to transfer smartphone data. Well, if you asked me, the best data transfer app is actually this tool called Wondershare MobileTrans. I love this app's simple design which means that everyone can use it. So, if you are curious to see how you can import photos galaxy s3 to s4 phones, or transfer important data and documents, make sure that you download this app now.


How Does Replacing Fluorescent Bulbs with LED Lighting Save Money?

I was doing a little energy efficiency research and I see that both CFL and LED lights are very much more efficient that incandescent lighting, saving upwards of 80% in some cases. That part makes sense if you look at the huge increase in Lumens per watt, you can get the same amount of light with far less electricity used.

But where I had a problem was in understanding the advantage of LED versus fluorescent lighting. They both have very similar Watts per Lumen ratings. So where is the savings? What I found is that LEDs are highly directional and where the LEDs have a big advantage over fluorescent tubes is when they are used in a ceiling to light an area below. That’s because a fluorescent tube emits light in a 360 degree direction, and a large part of the light is wasted in the ceiling or fixture, as heat. It turns out that a 2900 Lumen 4 foot fluorescent tube emits the same usable light onto the lighted area as a 1700W LED light tube, meaning that there is a savings of 41%.

I went looking for actual payback information. I compared a Philco 18W LED tube light from HotSpot Energy ( which provides the same LUX (useful light applied to the illuminated area) as a 32W Philips fluorescent tube which actually consumes about 34 watts. According to the rep at HotSpot, in my application I will save an additional 15% in air conditioner savings, since I am in an area where we run the AC all year. Apparently the saved energy also means that less heat is released into my indoor environment. Hope this is helpful to others.


Enhancing Your Space Today

The place where you live has a set of unique needs that you are responsible for taking care of the same as you would a child in your family. When you are interested in looking for a great Sacramento Windows company, you will find that there are many services being offered that simply do not understand the concept that your home is a unique property which is different from all of the others that may be around you at the moment. Instead of taking the time to come up with individual solutions, they simply push services on you that you do not need. Typically, this has to do with an interest in taking advantage of your knowledge of the market. 

Other times, there are Sacramento Windows companies that simply want to make as much money as possible when performing at any job. The result of this would be very high prices that can make it very difficult for you to get work done while sticking to a budget. If you do not feel comfortable with the vibes that you are getting from a company that you have spoken with, it would be best to back out of the transaction and use this time to do some reading about what you should expect when you start the search for a great company that can handle all of the unique needs on your property today. 

Choosing the right Replacement Windows Sacramento may seem like a task that you are not able to handle on your own, but this is not the case. Simply calling these professionals would ensure that someone is there to answer any of the questions that you may have today. Once you are able to feel more comfortable with the process, you would be able to make the leap of having your work handled by a company that has been providing results in this area for many years now.When quality matters on your property, you should never attempt to look to the rest. Instead, find the best and enjoy what these professionals can do to enhance the space where you life.


Where To Start with Companies and More

Choosing Trees for Your Landscaping Project One of the most common questions that landscaper get asked is what type of trees should their client plant. But that isn’t the easiest question to answer since what the best tree is depends on what it is that you want from your landscape trees. However, I have compiled a list of different trees based on how they present in different seasons. Most people want trees based on their aesthetics. I think every yard should have four trees, each representing a season so that your yard can stand out no matter the month. Spring The spring is all about flowers. After months of wetness and drab, colorful flowers are a welcomed sight. You should have at least one landscape trees that has blossoming flowers. One beautiful tree that also happens to flower is the magnolia tree. All of the different magnolia trees have one thing in common. Their blossoms are big and breathtaking.
How I Became An Expert on Landscaping
Apple trees are also great choices for a springtime tree. When it comes to apple trees, the main focus is usually the apples but most people don’t know that apple trees have awesome blossoms. The apples that can be used to make all sorts of things are just an added bonus. Another good thing about apple trees is that they will attract a variety of wildlife. So if you like a yard that is ‘alive,’ apple trees are the way to go.
A Quick History of Landscaping
Summer A tree should do more than produce flowers. Dogwood trees are super versatile. They bloom in the spring, show off their intricate branch pattern in the summer and sprout beautiful foliage in the autumn. Dogwoods are suitable for nearly every season but I think they really stand out in the summer months. Another good summertime tree is the Japanese maple. Most people think of fall when they think of Japanese Maples because of their colors but they sport those colors year round. They make great summertime trees because of their unique colors. Autumn and Winter A tree with bright, bold colors is most important in the fall. And nothing beats the maple. When the leaves start changing, maples burst into vivid colors and light up the sky. People will come from all over the country to see the leaves turn in the northern part of the state and it is the maples that people really want to see. You should also have one evergreen tree in your yard. When winter hits and everything else is bare, you want some color in your yard. The Blue Spruce is a lovely evergreen.


The Path To Finding Better Options

Picking Out the Most Effective Carpet Repair Specialist Almost all house owners put it off till their whole carpet is messy and unappealing prior to fixing or changing the important components of their floor. Carpet repairs can be highly-priced if you hold out lengthier, but making use of an specialist to fix your carpet can in actually lay aside your time, funds, and preserve your carpets to appear great. But, not all carpet resolve specialists have the matchless expertise and you will need to ensure that the aid you pick out is in compliance with your demands. Bear in your thought that specialized carpets repair is not the same with expert carpet cleaning. Effective carpet cleaning should be done at least once or twice in a year while carpet fix is only necessary if your carpet has lasting area distortion. This kind of damage can involve pet unsightly stains and bad smells, destruction from pet claws and nails or teeth, damage from burns, melted wax or crayons, permanent dye and ink blemishes, holes or clogs. Just right before picking out a carpet repair professional, it is crucial to take into account the special need of your carpet. You may need to consider calling a few companies before choosing a certain carpet repair services since most them offers absolutely free of charge estimates or analysis of your carpet. You can also take note that most of these carpet rehabilitation expert services provide professional carpet cleaning services and will be able to inform you if your carpet can be cleaned out rather than fixed.
Getting Creative With Businesses Advice
The best quality carpet repair professional will evaluate and bring back each spot of your carpet, not just the top aspect. Most spots and bad scents get to external of the visible areas of your carpet totally directly down to the padding and floor. This is generally correct for pet blotches and bad smell that are not reactive to usual cleaning approach. With these situations, your carpet repair workforce requires to change the impaired carpet as well as the cushion under.
A Quick Overlook of Businesses – Your Cheatsheet
When the damage of your carpet gets to the topmost area, you have to pick out a carpet fix service that can offer smooth repairs to your floor without changing the total carpet itself. The finest carpet repair company can suit your current carpet and make perfect shifts between aged and new carpeting. Typically, so that you can obtain the outstanding fix and reconstruction of your wrecked carpet, you have to be adequately intelligent enough in determining the most skilled carpet personnel or service that provides proper care and can meet the needs of your carpet. Searching the internet or referring to some friends who have the experience in hiring carpet repair services may be of good assistance for you.


5 Takeaways That I Learned About Animals

Several Considerations Prior to Buying Dog Food Deciding and buying the right food for your dog can be a hard task once you do not know where to begin. Nearly all commercial dog food manufacturers nowadays claim that their product is the best. Other than this, you can also obtain several types of organic kibble available in the market. Selecting the appropriate one for your pet can be quite confusing. You should consider many things when deciding the brand of food for your dog. Your pet consumes the same food every day apart from the treats so it is necessary to establish the deciding factors when buying the food to feed him especially with its quality. These are the things that certainly matters with regards to their overall health and wellness. You should always check for the quality protein contained in the dog food. Many companies, in order to entice customers to buy their brand, will use bright colors, cute picture of dogs and the perfect sales language. However, it is most important to consider the quality of the food in the bag. Be sure the first five ingredients must have quality protein like chicken meat or fish.
Foods – My Most Valuable Advice
Take into account also if there are a few chemical preservatives or artificial colors in the dog food. Keep away from those brands that comprise of chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT and ethoxoquin. These chemical contents have been linked to health problems among your pets.
Foods – My Most Valuable Advice
The number of grains in the dog food is one more thing to consider. There should never be an excess of grains like corn, corn gluten, soy and wheat gluten. These are often used as protein sources but are usually inferior and difficult to digest. There are also a number of dogs that can be allergic to these grains. When you are searching for a specific brand of dog food, you have to be sure that it is free of any by-products. These recognized by-products include bones, heads, intestines, ligaments, feet and other body parts which are left once the best cuts of meat are used for human consumption. These body parts are not very appetizing and are considered generally as inferior source of protein. Because of these, they are also difficult to digest. This means that less nutrition is taken and absorbed and more cleanup should be done because your dog will have larger stools. Ensure to steer clear of these products and prefer one with better content. Finally, fruits and vegetables must also be included in the dog food. Fruits and vegetables are thought to be natural sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and phytonutrients that are significant in supporting an active immune system. They are also helpful in digestion and nutrient absorption among your pets. By giving the right kind of food, you will surely have a healthier and more active dog. Feed your dog exactly and you will have him for a long time.


The 10 Best Resources For Parties

Party Planning? Party Rentals Will Help You People actually love to have fun and also loves to go to parties. When it comes to organizing a party though, this is a thing which could actually be stressful and also a thing that is not an easy process to do. This is in fact true because a lot of things had to be considered, such as the seating arrangement, food and a whole lot more. This is why lots of people continuously are looking for ways where they will be able to have their party looking great. This is the reason why there are now so many people who opts for a party rental. The process of hiring party rentals will actually make the planning process easier and also cheaper. With the presence of economic conditions today, the process of saving and organizing a party is a hard thing to do. This is why hiring a party rental will be able to give you the benefit. It is a fact that there are still so many people who are not aware with how party rentals work. When you host a party at your own home, you will be able to get the benefit of saving money. If you wanted to get the benefit of being able to have your home looking great for the party and also to have it properly and effectively ready, you should never overlook the importance of hiring the best party rental. Their services will actually help you to acquire the benefit of being able to have your home looking great through procedures that are needed like clearing your backyard or getting your living room ready. One of the things which they could actually help you is in decorating, where it is seen to be a thing that’s stressful to do. There are also some that are able to offer different options for their services.
The Art of Mastering Rentals
These service providers will also give you the advantage of renting table and chairs. You will also be able to rent some additional things like tablecloths from these service providers that will surely be an effective and suitable addition in making your party look beautiful and great.
6 Facts About Events Everyone Thinks Are True
The professional staffs of party rental services are in fact capable of making whatever the location into something that’s ideal and best for parties. You should however see to it that the firm you hire is reputable so that you are able to get the benefit of having your guests well-entertained and to also help to save you money. You could also get other additional services from them like mechanical bulls, zorb balls and also rent bounce houses. These kind of additional services will actually help to increase the entertainment value for the party that you have. Another thing is that you will be able to avoid making your party boring through their services.


What Research About Services Can Teach You

What Do You Need To Know About Renting Party Chairs Here are some things to look forward to when arranging with a Party Rental Company when renting chairs. Organizing an event or party is easier said than done. Booking a party rental company may be the start of major headaches if you do not know what to expect from them and how to get your ideas across to them. Here’s a guide to make things simpler. Work out a schedule
A Simple Plan: Rentals
Arranging everything either weeks or months ahead of the big date for a party, an event or a wedding will be an advantage. Party rental companies have seasons when they are in demand. March-June and October-December are weddings and holidays and the busiest seasons for them. A wise move on your part would be to book a large order for party rentals 2 months in advance if your event happen to fall on those peak seasons.
A Simple Plan: Rentals
Making extra room for surprise guests will be a good move when planning a party. Cutting down on the charges will be uncomplicated than add on for unanticipated guests. The party rental companies are also busy and may not be able to function efficiently if additional guests that are unanticipated come in. Make use of the Phone Talking with a customer service on the line could give you a conclusion about the way the company is managed. When scouting around for the rental company to use, make sure that it is a company that you are comfortable and like to deal with so your event will be a winner! Find out the amenities Party rental companies may have party rental items that are probably as old as the hills. Those old stocks most probably be in need of repairs for the time spent hibernating in storage. Considering the years that these items have been kept, we may not expect it to be flawless, but it sure needs to be spotless. The surest way to find out about the condition of the party rental items that have reserved for you is to go to the rental company and ask to see them. This may be of least concern if your plans involve using linens and chair covers for the rented furniture. Special instructions in using company linens like having them washed and ironed before using them on the furniture have to be spelled out at the onset of the arrangement. Review the amounts charged. Rental companies have standard delivery fee charges that is based on the zip code or area. Standard procedure usually lets the company drop off rental items at a pre-arranged place where client can get it and set it up as well.